Launch your podcast & Build your brand

With real guidance, community, and accountability

You know you would be GREAT at podcasting, but you're not sure how to structure your ideas and topics into weekly episodes that people will actually listen to.



Weeks, no, months have gone by since you wanted to get your podcast off the ground, and still no show - just a few pages of random notes! 🙈

completely stuck


You've always wanted to start a podcast but you don't know where to start, even after spending DAYS on google trying to put together all the pieces. 



You get so fired up about the thought of growing your brand and using it as a way to get our out of that 9 to 5 and change the trajectory of your life!

Does this also sound like you? Be honest!

You know the idea you have can turn into something BIG

You're ready for  A LOT more people to realize how dope it really is and you're ready to help as many people as you can.

Your offer is amazing and that excites you

You've reached the point where you realize in order to really build your brand into it's potential, you need a podcast to reach and grow your audience. 

You realize you need to amplify your voice. 

You want...

A complication-free, step-by-step process to get your podcast launched fast.

A way to start when you have no audience and zero following

To build your brand through podcasting

To finally get your message and voice out there, to help those who need it.

Are you ready to launch your podcast and build your brand?

You're here because...

The proven, step-by-step process for experts and creatives to launch your podcast the low-tech way, so they can build their brand, increase their following, and grow their business. 

The Goal Standard Presents...

Here's what you'll get...

🎙The keys to hone in on your unique angle so you're seen as the go-to person in your field

🎙The exact strategy I used to make sure you have an audience of listeners even before you launch

🎙The step by step process to create and launch your podcast with an audience in 2 months - the low tech way!

🎙You’ll learn how to turn podcast listeners into email subscribers so that they’re 10X more likely to buy from you

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Kayla Charleston
Not the wifew type podcast

"This course provided value way beyond what I expected"

nicole hubb - the intentional woman podcast

"AYP was the best investment I honestly could have made."

Here's what past students are saying...

Sherri Vanderpool
The giving H.E.D. Podcast

"If it wasn't for this program, I would never have launched my podcast"

Terissa Stewart 
 The Soverign Life Podcast

"AYP gave me the tools and steps I needed to launch successfully!"

Here are the milestones you'll hit:

The program you need to start, launch and grow your podcast







Create the perfect
show topic

Learn the trick to deciding which topic will win over your audience and keep them coming back week after week.

Design your show concept

Develop the foundation and structure of your show that connects to your audience the best. 

Set up your podcast

Learn the *low tech* process to create quality episodes and see exactly how to set up your recording studio in 5 minutes. 

Learn to record & edit

Get the simple steps to record your podcast episodes with no tech experience.  You'll also learn how to get high-quality episodes without spending hours editing. 

Launch your show with an audience

Create a fail-proof promotional launch strategy that connects with your audience, and guarantees you have listeners before you launch. 

Grow your podcast following

Learn the strategy to consistently create content that positions you as the go to person and grow your audience


You'll never be lost wiht a concept or what you should do next because you'll have guided prompts and every single step you need to launch your podcast. 

You'll get templates, exercises, and swipe files giving you everything from the exact communication you need to select winning guests, to what you should include in your podcast intro and outro. 

Worksheets & templates to guide you.


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Develop the foundation and structure of your show that connects to your audience the best.

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Learn the *low tech* process to create quality episodes and see exactly how to set up your recording studio in 5 minutes

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Get the simple steps to record your podcast episodes with no tech experience.  You'll also learn how to get high-quality episodes without spending hours editing your show.

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Create a fail-proof promotional launch strategy that connects with your audience and guarantees you have listeners before you launch.

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Launch your show with an audience

valued at $97

Training, scripts and templates on how to pitch and schedule your dream guests, even before your show is live. 


Get clarity on your brand colors, fonts, and how to consistently use them throughout your messaging.   You'll also get IG Templates

valued at $197

Visual Branding Training + Podcast Artwork


Gain exclusive access to these bonuses

More guidance to keep you prepared

Podcast Guest Guide

valued at $200

Exclusive access to a training by our podcast producer on the 5 things you need to produce a high quality podcast. 

Expert Editing Training


Valued at $200

Exclusive session + Q&A with our IP attorney on the legalities of podcasting, including trademarking and registering your podcast. 


Podcast Legal Session

If you enroll on or before Sunday, you'll get access to our entire branding kit with all the visuals you need to successfully brand your podcast and grab your audience's attention.

You'll get these templates: 

✔️3 Podcast Artwork Templates
✔️2 Brand Logos 
✔️2 Podcast Media Kit 
✔️2 Brand and Style Guide 
✔️30+ Social Media Post & Stories 
✔️2 Social Media Profile Images
✔️Instagram Highlight Covers
✔️10+ Facebook Group Banners
✔️10+ Pinterest Pin 

The Podcast Branding Kit & Templates 


enroll now!

$197 Value


A cashflow friendly payment plan 


TWO monthly payments of



Includes a 1-1 session with me to get direct feedback on your podcast


one-time payment of

Best Value

Are you ready to amplify your voice?

That's $4,000 worth of lessons & Bonuses


Nicole hubb - The intentional woman podcast

It felt good to just trust the process Lene' had laid out and to know I did the ground work to attract the tribe I desired to connect with.   I joined AYP To get the direct tools and skills necessary to launch my podcast without hesitation.  It's been awesome, Lené is very knowledgable and does her best to us the meat without the extra fluff

"If you want to launch your podcast, join AYP! it will take away the guess work and leave you with no excuses!"

Vienna - The efficient Mama podcast

The program is  very helpful and informative .  When I launched, I was less anxious than I anticipated. I was prepared and knew where to start.   I loved the launch module.

"If you’ve been wanting to start a podcast and have been trying to figure out where to start. AYP is it"

Keturah rosato - momentum woman podcast

Lene is very relevant and she chunks things down so that you are not overwhelmed with all the steps. You just have to make sure you do your part.

"This program has extremely thorough presentations and lots of step by step insights."

Terissa Stewart - The sovereign life podcast

I joined the program to launch my podcast and t's been a blast! I Loved the roadmap to get it started! Once my podcast was launched, It felt like a relief! It's finally out there. It gave me the actionable steps to launch. 

"AYP gave me the tools and steps I needed to launch successfully!"

Kay kirkman - the genx career show

I joined AYP to start my podcast and grow my audience.  The accountability and structure have helped me get my podcast off the ground.  Getting my podcast launched felt amazing! Like a huge accomplishment. The step by step layout of the course helped a lot. I liked the weekly calls with other new podcasters on a similar path.

"If you need structure, accountability and a step by step process to launching then the course is for you."

Sherri VanDerPool -
Giving H.E.D. Podcast

I had no clue about podcasting and what it entailed.  It has been an amazing and brought me so much clarity and organization.  I loved the AYP experience.  Lené was great helping me navigate through it all and being patient with me especially when it came to some of the techy stuff.  It was great!

"Join AYP periodttttt"

Kayla Charleston - Not the wifey type

I sometimes look at how other folks run their podcasts and think how unpolished it appears or how they clearly don't have a plan or structure and immediately become thankful that I joined AYP.   It feels surreal to call myself a podcaster and I feel proud of myself for actually doing it. 

"The Templates have been a huge help!"


receipts from new podcasters

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A few years ago I knew I was meant for more than just being stuck behind a cubicle. I found my passion - helping women set and achieve the goals that would help them live their best life.  

The PROBLEM was that I had no audience, no authority in my field, and ZERO following. I knew I had to do something to get my message and my voice out there, but it wasn't sure what would work. 

I was serious about growing my business, so I came up with a plan.  I started The Goal Standard Podcast from my bedroom. Fast-forward 6 months, and I matched my income. Today, my podcast has 200k+ downloads, 19k+ followers on Instagram, and 9k+ email subscribers. 

Hey, I'm Lené, founder of The Goal Standard Podcast and the Amplify Your Podfluence mentor. 

Meet your mentor

Now, I'm building my business, growing my brand, and doing what I love.  More importantly, I'm doing something I love and amplifying the voice of women around the world. All of this was possible because of the platform my podcast gave to me. 

I still believe that you don't need a huge show to leverage your podcast in order to grow your business and build your brand. All you need is the proven framework, accountability and support to build the podcast that turns listeners into your community, which is exactly why I created the Amplify Your Podfluence

It's truly a joy and a privilege to guide you on this journey and I can't wait to see you inside the course!


You can try to figure all of this out yourself by Googling, watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts which will be overwhelming and time-consuming especially if you’re juggling a full-time job. It might take 4 to 6 months or more to start, set up, launch, and grow your podcast. 
You can implement my exact strategy, utilizing my experience running a podcast that has accumulated over 100k downloads and been featured in a major publication. You can grow your brand by launching your podcast with my help. 

The fact is, this is a proven system but it requires you to take action by enrolling today...

Start that podcast sis.  

At this point you have two options...


Great question! I recommend spending about one hour a day for about 6 to 8 weeks to fully launch. This means you'll have your podcast up, running, and ready to grow your brand in that time frame.

How long will it take to launch my podcast?


Nope! You’re probably juggling work, family, and other obligations, so that’s why I provide full life-time access to the entire course as soon as you enroll. You'll get immediate access to each live session so you can work on each part at your own pace, and whenever is conveneient for you.

Do I need to launch my podcast within a certain time frame?


You'll be redirected to a payment page. After payment is successful, you'll receive an email with instructions and access to lessons and bonuses to the course content center so you can get started right away!

What happens after I tap 'Enroll Now'?


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

The course may be an investment, but imagine how much time and money you could be wasting by NOT enrolling in this course. The Amplify Your Podfluence course will help you to get a quality podcast to our audience faster, so you can focus on building your brand and doing what you love.

This course is a big investment.  Is it really worth the price?


Good question! The course materials are shared as live or pre-recorded video content, printable slides, and worksheets. So, whether you prefer to read, write, watch, or listen to the content, you’ll be set!

What format is this program given in?


It's important to start growing your audience before you launch your podcast. That way, you'll have downloads on launch day!

We'll walk you through the process of using instagram to market your podcast, and the typ eof content that will attract listeners even before your show is live.

How will I get people to listen to my show if I don't have a following yet?


There are no refunds for this course. BUT, If you follow all of the coursework and exercises, you will launch your podcast in 8 to 12 weeks.

Do you offer refunds?


Almost all of the software and tools you'll learn inside the course have a free option. I do recommend that for some programs, you upgrade to the paid option - only if I've used it.

You'll also need to pay for podcast hosting ($15 per month).

Are there any additional costs for this program?


✔️You’re struggling to create your podcast that will help grow your brand

✔️You don’t know how to develop a show that will attract listeners

✔️You have no idea what steps to take to get your show from idea to launch

✔️You're ready to invest in a proven framework & support to launch your podcast

✔️You’re itching to grow your audience and build your brand

✔️You're ready to put in the work it takes to start, launch, and grow your podcast

This course is perfect for you if....

You'll finally have a live podcast on all major platforms, downloads and listeners to your show, and a clear path forward to successfully grow your brand and build your audience. 

A podcast brand brought to life, curated and created by you. 

When you finish this program, you'll walk away with

enroll now!

A cashflow friendly payment plan


two monthly payments of



Save $94 when you pay in full


one-time payment of

Best Value

So are you finally ready to start your podcast and build your brand?

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