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Choose your adventure & start making bold moves. 


You're expected to fan the flame that makes you who you are, but still bring the heat. 

That's more than enough to make a person quit, but not you.  You've broken barriers, cracked glass ceilings, and triumphed as the first in your family to raise the standard and achieve at a high level.  

You're ready to build your legacy from an online business idea, go after that high powered role that no one expects you to have, or live your dream of moving abroad and filling your soul.  

One thing is for sure: You deserve a safe space and a seat at the table without second guessing yourself or settling for less.  PERIOD. 

Be twice as good. Erase the 'eisha at the end of your name.  Be smart.  But not smarter than Conor.  Slick down those edges and suck it up, Buttercup. 

We know how it goes. 

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Angela Basset

"Don't settle for average.  Bring your best to the moment."

A full, comprehensive checklist of every single step you need to launch your podcast

The Ultimate Podcast Checklist

We've spent the last two years on building our brand through podcasting and now we're showing you the ropes. This checklist gives you very single step you need to get your podcast off the ground. 

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Ashley Ashire

"It’s both inspirational messages about how to advance in life & work and also practical useful advice that help helped my own brand grow! It’s inspiring to listen to the show and know that these same strategies are being utilized by other women and the brand itself! It’s the perfect example of influence in action! It should be a must listen in every woman’s podcast rotation!"

"The podcast should be a must listen in every woman's podcast rotation!"

Vienna Fernandez

"I absolutely love all the gems dropped on this podcast. Every episode is full of raw stories of women that aren’t afraid to share their stories, tops and tricks as well as motivation. It helps center me but also reminds me that it takes work and a community to meet your goals."  

"I absolutely love the gems dropped"

stacy charles

"Love this show! Full of super relevant, valuable and interesting content. Really appreciate that its so relatable and down to earth - it feels like listening to your girlfriends open their hearts about real life struggles and dish on the tips and tricks to make it to the top. Can’t wait for more!"

"It feels like listening to your girlfriends opening their hearts."

kind words

Trusting the process of life with Lené Green


How to become an Influencer with Majesty C.


From debt to entrepreneur with Tonya Rapley


From Zero to 6 figures with Kim Lewis


tune in now!

Join The Goal Standard Founder Lené Green as she interviews boss women who are successful in their own right.  The Goal Standard Podcast highlights the part of the journey you won't see on social media. 

 Guests will share the roadblocks, challenges, and struggles that they went through to get where they are today.  

We put it all on the table with straight talk and straight facts about what it means to be a Black Woman in control of her career.

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