Smash your
life goals, sis. 

We've mastered survival, but we deserve much more than that. Research says that we are the most educated, we're industry leaders, and we're entrepreneurial trendsetters. What does that mean?

You don't need anyone's consent to activate a shift in your life, business or career.  You need direction, tools, support and connection. 

We deserve longer strides, huge accomplishments, and more consistent wins. 

So we're growing a community and providing valuable goal-smashing resources that help you level up. 

So we're growing a community and providing valuable goal-smashing resources that help you level up. 

I know how it feels to have a bigger-than-life dream, but not have all the resources, connections, and know-how to make it a reality.  Hosting The Goal Standard Podcast for 2 years proved how important it is to share our stories and our truth-to make it known that we do it all!

But we can't do it all without advocacy, nor can we do it alone. 

I created this community to help teach us everything we need to know to pursue our goals and build generational wealth.  

I'm learning just as much as you are, but what I realized early on is that network, community, tools and resources are the top 3 things needed in business and moving forward towards our goals.  That's why I created this space for us, so we can grow together. 

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The Goal Standard is here to give you everything you need to feel seen, heard and confident enough to take the jump into your new idea. 

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Join a global community of ambitious women who are on the path to pursuing their dreams and making them a reality.  You're ready to...

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We believe in making sure that all of us get access to the resources that make us grow. 


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Ashley Ashire

It’s both inspirational messages about how to advance in life & work and also practical useful advice that help helped my own brand grow! It’s inspiring to listen to the show and know that these same strategies are being utilized by other women and the brand itself! It’s the perfect example of influence in action! It should be a must listen in every woman’s podcast rotation!

The podcast should be a must listen in every woman's podcast rotation!

Vienna Fernandez

I absolutely love all the gems dropped on this podcast. Every episode is full of raw stories of women that aren’t afraid to share their stories, tops and tricks as well as motivation. It helps center me but also reminds me that it takes work and a community to meet your goals.

I absolutely love the gems dropped

stacy charles

Love this show! Full of super relevant, valuable and interesting content. Really appreciate that its so relatable and down to earth - it feels like listening to your girlfriends open their hearts about real life struggles and dish on the tips and tricks to make it to the top. Can’t wait for more!

It feels like listening to your girlfriends opening their hearts

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