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Issa Rae

"Stop Making Excuses. You're the only one Stopping you."

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Just because we have a new normal, doesn't mean we can't keep focused on our goals! #GOALS week will show you how to pivot in uncertain times, and still come out on top!  

Hear from Therapists, Career Coaches, and Entrepreneurs on the right way to cope with change, how to navigate your career for post quarantine, how to diversify your income by making money online, and more! 

A 5 day training for women of color to learn how to adapt to our new normal. 


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We're often more busy than not, and distractions can definitely hold us back when we want to move forward.  

We put together the 13 ways we can be more productive, which also includes a bonus podcast episode to follow along with.  

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Get 13+ Masterclasses hosted by experts and speakers to help make sure you're pushing towards your goals.  

From goal-setting, to mindset, and even personal branding. Learn how to level up your mental and prepare yourself for your next big move. 

Everything you need to get your mind right and set your goals in one place

The Glow Up Summit: Mindset & Goals

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Get 13+ Masterclasses hosted by experts, coaches and mega entrepreneurs on how to get started.  From brand building to Marketing, and everything in between, this summit will help make sure you've got the tools you need to start that big business idea you've had for a while! 

Get the skills you need to start and grow your new business

The Glow Up Summit For Entrepreneurs

We're always looking to share dope and interesting stories with our community!  If you think you have a great story that our audience will benefit from (not a product you're here to promote) - check out our podcast page for information on how to apply to be on the show.  

 Thanks so much for the summit! I’m glad I got the replay because there was so much to take in and it reinforced what I really felt - Sherese

Absolutely!! We'd love to hear from you.  Make sure to fill out the form above with any suggestions, ideas, etc. that you have.  We'll definitely take them into consideration. 

Thank you so much for putting this together! I gained so much clarity - Lulu

Awesome, partnerships are our jam! Please fill out the form and send us your note.  We'll take a look and get back to you as soon as well can to follow up on next steps. 

 This was life. I appreciate the representation, spirituality. Like-minded people helped me - Roen

Your experience is of the upmost importance to us! Please send us message above or an email to hello@thegoal-standard.com and we'll get back to you with a solution within 48 hours. 

 This summit was well organized and completely inspiring. I’ve learned so much and am even more motivated to make the change that is on my spirit. - Mez

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I'm right there along with you figuring it out. That's why I decided to reach out to successful women I know have made it.  

I know how it feels to have a bigger-than-life dream, but not have all the resources, connections, and know-how to make it a reality. Hosting The Goal Standard Podcast for 2 years proved how important it is to share our stories and our truth-to make it known that we do it all!

But we can't do it all without advocacy, nor can we do it alone. Which is why I decided to create more resources and tools to help us to level up. I

After having two failed businesses, I figured it was time to figure out how the hell to make this entrepreneur thing work. 

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The utlimate creative biz cheat sheet

goal setting

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Get the skills you need to start and grow your new business


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13 ways to be more productive


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